Outreach Education

Outreach education is a vital part of the Red Scarf Society’s mission.  During the last eight years, the RSSPA has reached over 11,100 students in 102 outreach education programs throughout Siskiyou County. From Dorris to Dunsmuir, McCloud to Etna, Happy Camp to Hornbrook, Gazelle to Delphic, Mt Shasta to Yreka, Weed to Montague, and juvenile Hall to charter and continuation schools, we attempt to be geographically inclusive in our offerings.  Programs as diverse as opera, chamber music, folk music, tribute bands and individual instrumentation (clarinet, bagpipe, cello, piano, drums, guitar, et al) alone and in combination with other instruments have great appeal for our students.

Some of our programs are specifically designed for the school audiences; others are connected to our regular concert performances. In this present age, where funding for the arts has been significantly reduced and sometimes eliminated, our efforts become more important.  Live performances are indeed vital and inspiring.

Golden Bough visits students throughout Siskiyou County

In their performance, International Rhythms, musicians Margie Butler, Paul Espinoza and Kathy Sierra invited students to follow music, instruments and languages across the continents. Introduction to exotic instruments and their mechanics helped children understand tone, scale and dynamics as they enjoyed participating in call and response, as well as favorite sing-alongs. Approximately 800 students from Etna elementary, Evergreen Elementary, Weed Elementary and Sisson Elementary enjoyed the outreach.

Brass Ensemble Outreach

Five musicians recently treated students from Yreka Adventist School, Montague Elementary and Willow Creek to a wonderful performance from the Rogue Valley Symphony Brass Ensemble Musicians, Bruce Dresser and Dan Kocurek, on trumpets, Will Scharen on trombone, Cynthia Hutton on horn and Michael Knox on tuba engaged the young audiences with explanations of the mechanics of each instrument and a wide range of styles through a music sampler, including works by Gershwin to Lady Gaga.